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Research Study Report

S. No. Reports
1. Assessment of Wastage of Food and Ostentatious Behaviour during social gathering (Marriages/Parties/Meetings etc.) in National capital Region Delhi View , FrontCoverpage
2. Consumer Awareness in Rural India- An Empirical Study View  
3. Role of Consumer Clubs in Promoting Consumer Awareness and Education in India- An Evaluative Study View  
4. Working of District Forums in Jharkhand- A study of the Perception of Presidents and Members View , FrontCoverpage
5. Best Practices in Consumer Protection - Global Scenario Volume I View , FrontCoverpage
6. Best Practices in Consumer Protection - Global Scenario Asia pacific region Volume II View , FrontCoverpage
7. Best Practices in Consumer Protection - Global Scenario African region Volume III View , FrontCoverpage
8. Evaluation Report on Impact and Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 View, FrontCoverpage, BackCoverpage   
9. Consumer Satisfaction Regarding Quality of Products in Super Marts of NCR View, FrontCoverpage, BackCoverpage   
10. Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Electricity Sector View , FrontCoverpage
11. Evaluation of the Effect of Junk Food on the Health of the School Children in Delhi View, FrontCoverpage, BackCoverpage   
12. Report on Buying Behaviour of Rural Consumers in India View, FrontCoverpage, BackCoverpage   
13. Report on Involvement of NGOs in Anti Tobacco Campaign View, FrontCoverpage, BackCoverpage   
14. Functioning of ‘Smart Consumer App’ as per Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules View, Product wise Detailed Report  

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