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 Monographs (English)
S. No. Title Author  
1. Consumer Protection in India - Some Reflections  S. S. Singh and Sapna Chadah¬†   English     Hindi  
2. Misleading Advertisements and Consumer  Pushpa Girimaji   English  
3. Environment and Consumer   Pranab Banerji   English     Hindi  
4. Consumer Protection Act   P. V. V. Satyanarayanamurthy   English     Hindi  
5. Insurance and Consumer   Matadin   English     Hindi  
6. Housing and Consumer   Ravindra Bana   English     Hindi  
7. Defective Goods and Deficiency of Service vis-√†-vis Consumer   G. K. Kapoor   English     Hindi  
8. Cosmetics and Consumer   Sanju Nanda   English     Hindi  
9. Consumer Protection Act and Medical Profession   M.K. Balachandran   English     Hindi  
10. Consumer and the Market   Sheetal Kapoor   English     Hindi  
11. Competition Policy and Law   Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   English  
12. Law of Torts, Medical Negilance and Consumer Protection  Rajiv Kumar Khare   English  
13. Standards and Quality in Service Delivery   Suresh Misra, Mamta Pathania   English  
14. E-Commerce and Consumer   Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   English  
15. Brand Imitation, Counterfeiting and Consumers   D.Y Chacharkar   English  
16. Doctor-Patient Relationship   Sapna Chadah   English  
17. Toys and Safety Regulations   Suresh Misra, Prateek Gupta   English  
18. Safe Baby Food   Suresh Misra, Priyanka Dwivedi   English  
19. Financial Services and Consumer   Mamta Pathania, SK Virmani   English  
20. Green Consumerism   Rajiv Kumar Khare   English  
21. Legal Metrology and Consumer   Mamta Pathania, Manoj Prabhakar   English  
22. Electricity and Consumer   Suresh Misra, SK Virmani   English  
23. Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyles - Role of Consumers   Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   English  
24. Non Banking Financial Companies   Deepika Sur, Sanjeev Talwar   English  
 Monographs (Hindi)
S. No. Title Author  
1. Upbhokta Sanrakshan - Ek Parichay Virendra Nath Mishra, Amit kumar Singh   Hindi  
2. Khadya Suraksha Avam Upbhogkta - Vividh Aayam Suresh Misra, Virendra Nath Mishra   Hindi  
3. Upbhokta Ke Adhikar - Ek Vivechan Lalit Mohan Joshi, Naveen Kumar Sinha, Virendra Nath Mishra   Hindi  
4. Upbhokta Sanrakshan Adhiniyam ke Pacheesh Varsh Sanjeev Kr. Sharma   Hindi  
5. Anaitik Vyaparik Vyavhar Avum Gramin Upbhogta Virendra Nath Mishra   Hindi  
 Case Laws
S. No. Title Author  
1. Case Laws on Medical Negligence  Rakesh Gupta and Vandana Singh   Hindi  
2. Case Laws on Electricity   Sapna Chadha   English  
3. Case Laws on Transport   Rakesh Gupta   English     Hindi  
4. Case Laws on Banking   S.K. Sharma, Sushila Narang   English  
 Training Manuals (Under Consultancy Project)
S. No. Title Author  
1. Consumer Empowerment- Resource Manual for Consumer Clubs  Urvashi Pande and Manjari Acharya English
2. Consumer Empowerment- A Resource Manual for Finance Management  Urvashi Pande English

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