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S. No. Title Author
1. Reflections on Consumer Protection -Case Studies Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  
2. National Consumer Helpline A Ready Reckoner Deepika Sur, Sanjeev Talwar   View  
3. Empowering Young Consumers - Role of Consumer Clubs Suresh Misra, Mamta Pathania   View  
4. Wastage of Food and Ostentatious Behaviour during Social Gatherings Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah, Mamta Pathania   View  
5. Consumer Concerns in the 21st Century Socio Legal Perspectives Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah, Mamta Pathania   View  
6. Consumer Protection in India Issues & Concerns Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  
7. Emerging Perspectives in Consumer Welfare Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  
8. Upbhokta Ke Adhikar Lalit Mohan Joshi, Naveen Kumar Sinha, Virendra Nath Mishra   View  
9. Consumer Protection & Globlization P.Kameswara Rao, Suresh Misra, R.P.C.S. Rajaram   View  

Books on Consumer Protection through Private Publisher

S. No. Title Author  
1. Empowering Rural Consumers (Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies) Suresh Misra, Mamta Pathania   View  
2. Globalisation Market and Rural Consumers Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  
3. Towards Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyles Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  
4. Regulatory Framework in India (Law and Policy) Sapna Chadah   View  
5. Consumer Consumerisma and Consumer Protection K.N.Bhatt, Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  
6. Consumer Education and Empowerment S.S.Singh, Suresh Misra, Sapna Chadah   View  

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